Monday, 27 May 2013

Cycling - 8 Miles With My Small

First off, an additional injury from yesterday which I'd not noticed at the time!

No short skirts for me this week

My youngest, 13 year old Kira, decided she wanted to ride with me today.

She's just inherited my old bike, and we spent some time yesterday adjusting it for her.

We did 8 miles, very slowly! She's not yet very confident, so doesn't like going fast downhill, and when pedalling she's not yet got the leg strength.

But she did all 8 miles, and made it up all the hills, and she didn't fall off - so she's doing better than me this weekend! I nearly came a cropper when we'd only just left home when I hadn't even realised I'd clipped in! Managed to get my foot out just before I took us both over.

Some photos from today's ride!

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