Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cycling - new route

Yesterday it just rained and rained all day long, and I actually got a bit antsy - I wanted to ride my bike!

The forecast showed a potential window this morning when it may be just cloudy, so last night I formulated a plan to get up at relatively normal time, despite having a day off work, and to head out on my own for an hour.

I woke up to sun streaming through the window, and I was so happy!

Did a 7.5 mile route out into the countryside, which started with a mahoosive uphill, but which was matched by a wonderful long downhill section, punctuated by some deceptively steep but thankfully short uphill sections!

I actually think I was a better person today because of my ride!

Also got a parcel today - my head will be particularly visible from now on!

Forecast is looking lovely for Friday and the weekend, so I'm going to try and ride to work on Friday! (It's only 6.5 ish miles - but I'm not sure how long to allow, to give me a chance to arrive at my desk looking at least somewhat presentable lol!)

Katie x

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