Sunday, 26 May 2013

Home - Kitchen Project

I mentioned in an earlier post that we've just (almost!) completed a big kitchen refurbishment.

We've lived in our house for almost 16 years, and we've been planning this kitchen project since we extended the house 5 years ago.

Prior to the extension this room had been our dining room - but as you can see, the room called "Timothy" (what are we going to call this room now it's not the dining room anymore? "Timothy" my husband replied - and so Timothy it was! - strange things happen in my house - what can I say lol!) had become a dumping ground. Originally intended to be a den-like area, it actually didn't get used for anything other than putting stuff that didn't have an alternative home! This is also the very first room you see as you come in the house.

So we cleared Timothy out.

No mean feat!

We then spent a whole weekend preparing the kitchen for it's time to meet it's maker!

And actually it looked so much bigger when all our junk had been taken out!

One reason behind the refurb, apart from the fact the units were literally falling apart (I'd had a "pan hole" rather than a "pan drawer" for 2 years after the drawer front fell off (and I'd repaired it 2 years prior to that, and this time it was terminal!), since we'd extended, the natural light in the kitchen was limited. Not only has the window to the garden shrunk, we'd put a 2 storey building directly where the sun fell, meaning the kitchen window was always in shadow!

So we decided a major job was required!

The lovely Ray, who had built our extension was called upon, and one sunny Monday in March I went to work with it looking like the photos above - and came home, just 7 hours later, to this :-)

You know, I think that's enough photos in one post - I shall carry on with the rest of it in a separate post! (It does get to looking much better, I promise:-))

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