Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Well, what do I do next?

I blogged for a couple of years when I'd lost some weight and was struggling to find a sense of style, over at Rate My Outfit.

But now I feel I'm done with that. I've run out of time and energy for daily style shots. My style isn't out of the ordinary, it's not wacky or wonderful, so that's enough of that. I'll likely still go back for Dressember, or maybe I won't. I've got a currently empty blog called 21st Century Frocks, and maybe that'll be the new home for Dressember?

At the moment we've just come out of a big kitchen refurbishment project, and I'm aiming to get back towards my goal weight, and to get fit again. And I'm hoping to cycle my way back to fitness.  To that end I've ordered a new bike today, and I'm very excited by it!

I've also signed up to do a colour me beautiful personal stylist course.

So perhaps this blog will be a bit about my life, a bit about cycling, a bit about personal style, with maybe the odd daily style shot, when it's something share-worthy!

Join me along the way, won't you?

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