Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sad Times lol!

I've had an iPhone since they were launched in the uk - 11th July 2008.

S came home and very proudly presented me with this brick of a phone. I'll admit, I was slightly ungrateful - it wasn't pretty, it didn't fit in my pocket, and anyway, all I ever did on my phone was text, and make the occasional phone call.

Within a week my iPhone became an extension of my right arm!

I've slowly worked my way through from the 3G, to the 4, and I'm currently on a 4S. I've had many mishaps with them over the years, but never have I actually broken anything.

Then today this happened :-(

Amazingly the touch screen still works, but its a little difficult to read!

I'm not overly impressed with Apple - I phoned them to see if the screen could be replaced at a Genius Bar and I was told it could. Great! I asked how much that would be - they wouldn't tell me! I was told I would be given a price when they had looked at it. I said I appreciated it may be more complicated than it appeared, but if it was only the screen, what sort if ball-park figure was I looking at. She repeated that they would tell me at my genius appointment.

I said as she wouldn't tell me I would be taking my custom elsewhere.

What a ridiculous policy!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Style - Buttonsy Jewellery

My new "go with everything" necklace, from Buttonsy Jewellery (linking 'cos I love!)

It really does go with everything! Above it's with navy and pink, today I've worn it with green, and navy (again - I've got a bit of a navy thing happening at the moment!)

Here it is (rubbish quality shot, I'm sorry!) with purple.

It's blingy, it's unique, and I love it!

Take a lot at their Facebook page for lots more very beautiful items, all handmade and each piece unique :-)

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Cycling - The Commute!

I've worked at my employer for over 15 years, and I have never arrived in anything other than a car. Until yesterday!

I planned in advance - I didn't want to be carrying a big bag of clothes and shoes - so on Thursday I took an outfit as well as food for my lunch on Friday!

The forecast was for clear, warm and sunny, so I jumped out of bed early, got myself ready, and headed out the door!

It was weird - I felt really like I'd forgotten something - like I'd really got something missing. I've thought more about it, and I think it was my handbag! I never go anywhere without my Cath Kidston messenger bag, and yesterday all I had were a couple of essentials packed up into my camelback!

I'm very lucky that apart from a very small section when I first leave home, and a crazy section towards the end, my whole journey can be done on cycle paths, so no having to deal with drivers during the rush hour! The only disappointment is that the crazy section is probably the only bit of road I consider dangerous to be riding on, dual carriageway, with a slip road coming in making it 3 lanes, cars needing to change lanes quickly to come to a busy roundabout! Madness - why on Earth there is no cycle lane alternative route makes no sense to me at all!

But anyhow, I survived! I made the 6.75 mile trip in 55 minutes from front door to desk , plus less than 10 minutes changing and freshening up, so very very do-able :-)

We have secure cycle parking, unfortunately this is right at the very front of the site, and I work right at the very back. I'm trying to establish whether a new cycle cage they've recently installed is going to be made secure, which would be much nearer my office, and would probably save a good 5 minutes!

Here's my lovely Neko, all tucked up for the day :-)

I will be riding to work again, very soon! :-)

Home - Kitchen!

I think I will let the pictures do the talking!

We're really, really pleased with it :-)

Kitchen is Howden's Burford in "grey", in case you were wondering! (And why on earth they've just called it grey I don't know - its so much more than "grey" - mushroom, light sage? )