Sunday, 18 May 2014

Late Spring - what's happening!

Turns out without the incentive of something tangible to post about, I'm a bit hopeless!

Life ticks on!

I've got this gorgeous new man in my life - Jenson Button - and the sun has shone every day since he arrived. I hardly driven with the roof up! (Only when I've got a child in the back who is complaining that her hair is getting all messed up!)

Rhian treated me to Go Ape for my birthday, and we had a lovely afternoon with Garan in the treetops at Alice Holt. Only scary bit was when we had to jump and swing into a cargo net - and there was a drop before you swung - but we made it :-)

You might (or might not!) also notice (a lot of "real life" people have not) that I've stopped dying my hair. I got well and truly bored of battling the roots, so over Easter stripped the colour out to ascertain the extent of the grey, and decided that, actually, it was liveable with! Some people have asked if I've had highlights, but nobody has fallen about laughing - so despite me thinking it's a massive massive change, most people haven't even noticed! I do feel better being lighter - and actually think I look a lot less pale than I used to! It also means a whole new range of colours have opened up to be included in my wardrobe - and the black is not as good as it was! Shopping required :-)

With some of the money left to me by Gran I decided to get a new tent. Our "big tent" was too big just for 2 people, and definitely too big for Kira and I to put up by ourselves. Last year we'd borrowed a tent, and I was looking for something of a similar size to that, but was intrigued with the new air beam tents springing up. Kira and I had a good look around, and settled on an outwell hornet L - a big tent for 2 people, but with the headroom so that Steve could stand up in it if we went with him. And being an air beam it's incredibly simple to put up - peg it in, pump,it up, guy it out and you're hot to trot :-)

It's getting it's first proper outing over half term, when we head down to Dorset for 3 nights, and I'll try and remember to post some proper pics then - but here's of the living area from our trial night in the garden :-)

I've done a couple of bike rides - I've found a lovely route along the Basingstoke Canal which I've done a couple of times. Mel and I have signed up for the 25 mile Farnham Charity ride on 6th July, so we're trying to build up some mileage before then - and that will be hilly, so I also need to work on my hill climbing capability! Here's a couple of photos from when I rode the canal in April.

Ok, that'll do for now! Hopefully I'll be back shortly with some photos from our camping adventure :-)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Catch up!

Let's just try and catch up since September with some photos!

Firstly, the Tour of Britain cycle race came through our town - very exciting for the 30 seconds it took for the speeding peloton to whistle past us!

But we made it onto the telly! (We had cycled down - we weren't wearing hi vis just so's we could spot ourselves on the coverage. Honestly guv'!)

Actually managed to catch a photo of both girls together in their uniforms. As someone said "oh, there's 2 of them!" Just 2 different sizes.

Kira needs 4 teeth out before she has her braces - supposed to be a quick job in the dentist chair, but after 40 minutes heaving, tugging and twisting only this one begrudgingly deigned to leave her mouth, so she's now been referred to specialist dentistry for the remaining 3 - apparently it's the little twist on the roots which cause the grief! (And 2 of the remaining 3 are molars, with their double roots). Poor sausage was a bit sore to say the least (and sorry for the gruesome picture!)

Remembrance parade Kira did her stuff (in the middle here) - even though we noticed a week later that someone had played a jolly jape and her cap badge was upside down.

Rhian turned 18 on 11th December - I can't quite get my head round the fact my first child is an adult!

Mum put some photos on her present

Wasn't she cute!

I then run out of photos, but we had a wonderfully quiet Christmas, and January has been pretty busy for the family, with Rhian finally passing her driving test and buying (hopefully - just waiting to hear if the air con can be fixed) a car, starting her Nijmegen training again and finishing her gliding scholarship. Kira has been to France and Belgium to visit the war graves, and Steve has been really busy with work and cadet stuff too.

Hopefully there'll be more to share soon as we've got our annual weekend away next weekend!

Katie x